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The Storm

I was driving to my friend's home last night whilst Storm Babet continued to batter the UK; the rain felt like it was never ending, the wind gusts were forceful at over 50mph, rivers were flooding, homes were without power and it felt like we hadn't seen daylight for over 24 hours.

It got me thinking about how we can often have storms in our lives that rip through and can do as much damage as a physical storm does to an island.

When we experience big change in our lives it can often feel like you are in the eye of the storm and you are being battered from every angle and feels like it will never end.

After experiencing the worst grief and loss I have ever faced in 2022, so much changed; my family, my home, my present, my future, my perception, my heart, my priorities, and myself.

I remember one morning getting into the shower and as the water hit my skin I had the biggest realisation that my life was never going to be the same again, and that thought ripped through my body like a tornado ripping through a trailer park. It brought me crashing to my knees in floods of tears; I did not want to live this reality and desperately wanted out. But that day was the day that I came to terms with the fact that there was no way of getting out of this storm and the only way was through it; minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day and one step at a time.

But storms don't last forever and eventually the rain stops, the clouds part, the sun shines and the wind calms and little by little the floods of emotions become more manageable.

The tornado of negative and confusing thoughts subside.

The support, love and warmth from the people that love you can be felt.

You regain your power and strength.

You find light in the days again.

As with a storm, you cannot calm or control it, all you can do is control yourself. So do things that help calm, centre and ground you.

  • Lean in to the people that love you

  • Express your emotions when they need to be released

  • Take care of yourself and treat yourself with love and respect

  • Move your body

  • Be in nature

  • Ask for help sooner rather than later

  • Write and journal your thoughts and feelings to help process.

  • Stay in the present so that you do not worry about the future or dwell on the past

  • Find one thing to be grateful for every day.

Storms bring with them forceful change, disruption to the norm, and the cleansing of the land but the power of a storm is not in its destruction, it is in your ability to rebuild.

If you want some support with your rebuild then please do contact me, I would be honoured to work with you.

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