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The Horizon

I was walking my little dog one morning and we caught a beautiful sunrise that made us amble a different way along the cliff so that we could keep the sunrise in our view and I could take some pictures of it.

After walking along for some time, keeping the horizon in my sight, I realised that I had paid no attention to the path that I was walking along or anything around me as I had purely got the sunrise in my view and the plan of getting to a certain place along the cliff to take a good photograph.

It got me thinking of how we are often told to 'keep our eye on the horizon' which is used as a metaphor to encourage us to keep our goal in sight and keep heading for that goal, with a hint of a tunnel vision view attached, but what if that is all we ever do?

Aiming for the goal and missing the beauty in the process?

Keeping our eye on the horizon but missing the beauty along the path?

We often get caught up in either future or past thinking.

Future thinking in which we spend time and energy imagining all the endless outcomes that could happen

Past thinking in which we spend time and energy replaying it all looking for answers that often don't exist and meaning that isn't there.

Wasting energy this way can feel dark and sticky and bring difficult emotions to the surface such as anxiety, overwhelm, panic, regret, worry, fear and pain.

The healing and the light is in the present because all that really matters is the here and now as it is the only thing that is real.

Your past is a story.

Your future is unwritten.

Your present is all you have.

So if you get lost dwelling and ruminating on the past or overthinking and procrastinating about the future, move your focus on to the present, feel into the moment, accept it for what it is and know that this is the only moment that is real.

Use the light of the present to inspire and guide you to:

- do something that lifts up your soul

- do something that brings you joy and love

- do the things you're waiting to do

- do something with the people who love you

- do something that you have always wanted to do

- do something that looks after your wellbeing; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

- do something that makes you feel alive

- do something that makes you feel more positive

Let the horizon be your present and notice everything around you; the sky above you, the ground beneath your feet, the people with you, the emotions you feel, the thoughts you are thinking, the breath you are breathing and more than anything the fact that your now moment is all that you have and you get to choose what to do with it.

If you would like to work with me on being more in the present and appreciating your now moments then please do get in touch. I would be honoured to work with you.

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